The web software behind Kindex™ was introduced last year as a resource to governments to self-publish evolving city ordinances and has distrupted traditional methods of city ordinance codification.

Kimball Clark, an owner of Kindex™, presently sells the software to local governments. At the time, his Family Organization was searching for a central repository for his Grandma Dorothy's letters, journals, artwork, poetry and photographs. Furthermore, his cousin needed help transcribing Dorothy's handwriting.

"After selling and iterating this beautiful government software for more than a year, the idea I could simultaneously use it for Dorothy's historical repository hit me like a ton of bricks."

Kindex™ is an Online publishing tool to index and share historical documents as complete volumes, and is kept current by Family Organizations.

Users of Kindex™ begin individual volumes by creating a customizable table of contents (by media, by date, or by family member). Once created, users may upload, transcribe and source family documents to publish an online digital volume. Relatives are then allowed to freely search, view, share, source, download documents or chapters, or self-print the entire family book.

As additional documents come forward, users add to their organization's Kindex™, and create a more comprehensive volume based on what is, what was, and what will be.

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