We started to create a cybersecurity game, but abandoned it out of boredom. We then just started to brainstorm weird ideas we could do. Our next thought was to have the computer play telephone with itself, but the speech-to-text library we used was hard to implement on all our computers, and worked too well to introduce enough error to make the outcome interesting. We ended up just trying to do whatever, and ended up doing some webscraping and implementing the Twilio API.

What it does

The start of the game is an intentionally bad UI made in pygame. It has 3 buttons when it loads. The first scrapes to get a random face and set the background of the game to that image. The second scrapes the web for a random quote and then uses text to speech to say the quote, then uses the Twilio API to call one of our team members and say the quote. The third exits the program.

How we built it

Python libraries and the Twilio API. Lots of trial and error.

Challenges we ran into

Finding ideas for our project, Libraries for text to speech didn't work cross-platform, learning the Twilio API, learning flask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're glad the end result works as well as it does, even if the front end isn't impressive.

What we learned

How to use git, flask, Twilio API

What's next for kindaRandom

m0rE, R@nd0MSesS!1!

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