“When humanity loses a language, we also lose the potential for greater diversity in art, music, literature, and oral traditions,” says Bogre Udell. “Would Cervantes have written the same stories had he been forced to write in a language other than Spanish? Would the music of Beyoncé be the same in a language other than English?”

What it does

Provides tangible results in increasing the number of speakers of an endangered language improving linguistic diversity and preserving cultures.

  • Kimia uses a subscription based model to help local governments, schools etc avail our services. Any school wishing to preserve a language in their region, can choose a subscription suitable to their needs and we will make sure to their their students the language in the most comprehensive manner.
  • Online Archive: Kimia has a vast online archive of various endangered languages. From word of the day generators to audio clips of native speakers, we got it all covered!
  • Online Store: Our online store has story books, alphabet books etc written in many dying languages.
  • Recruitment Centre: If you're a fluent speaker of an endangered language. you can join Kimia as an instructor!

How we built it

After numerous rounds of brainstorming, we made the website using HTML and CSS on Replit.

Built With

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