Recently, cryptocurrency is spotlighted because of its potential in the future. Lots of people are trading through cryptocurrency market for 24 hours. During a busy day, investment in cryptocurrency and make a profit without getting an up close look every day! With our trading bot, people can buy and sell cryptocurrency automatically daily, and get a daily report via Slack!

What it does

Our trading bot provides user-friendly GUI and tools for cryptocurrency trading. Based on embedded algorithm or investment strategy, bot will buy and sell on specific time or price automatically, then report every transaction via Slack.

How we built it

We used Python as primary coding language because python has good libraries and APIs for cryptocurrency trading and making GUI. For GUI part, we used PyQt5 and designer. Also, we got real-time market data through 'pyupbit' library and web-socket.

Challenges we ran into

  • Build the Cloud base VM (AWS) to ensure the continuation of the program
  • Set the user’s time zone, not only UTC/GMT + 9 hours
  • Possible to set details of the strategy in the GUI
  • Buying and Selling Time option
  • Investment (trading) options, not only BTC (Bitcoin)
  • Investment (trading) API options, not only Upbit
  • SNS or community options, not only Slack

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Buy and sell BTC depending on specific time and market price
  • Get chart and market data in real-time from cryptocurrency market (Upbit)
  • Build up user-friendly GUI with PyQt5
  • Connect with Slack as transaction notification
  • Successful back-testing (2.1% profit per 5 days)

What we learned

  • Python codes work with Open API, Qt, and Slack
  • Real-time data crawling
  • GUI with PyQt5 Designer
  • Communication with cryptocurrency data
  • The Larry R. Williams' volatility breakout strategy for investment
  • Back-testing

What's next for Automatic investment bot for cryptocurrency

In the future, we plan to achieve all challenges in the above list and to create mobile app for all users. Since there are lots of algorithms and strategies for investment, we would like to provide more strategies to maximize profits for our users.

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