With the new Novel Coronavirus gyms and workout centers have shutdown all across the worlds. This has caused a dilemma for both trainers and trainees. People have been unable to get the fitness guidance that they need and as they spend more time at home, living often sedentary lifestyles, their physical health only deteriorates. People have been trying to find a way to stay in shape from the comfort and safety of their homes and thus have been resorting to fitness on demand, or have given up entirely on the matter. On the flip - side, trainers have been trying to find innovative ways to reach out to their customers through methods such as live streaming and prerecorded videos. Although these methods work, they are often not as effective as motivating people to work.

We present Kilter the solution to these problems and the ultimate way to motivate people to exercise while at home during Coronavirus!

What it does

Kilter is the first of its kind fitness app which combines the rapidly expanding market trends of online 1 - 1 personal fitness and a cashback reward system to provide a motivating experience for its users.

Kilter has a free path and a paid path:

Most users will use the free path so lets focus on that first:

The free path gives uses a free daily workout along with guided videos that they can follow. Everyday they are given the option to submit a clip of them working out and if they do so they are awarded with digital currency, as they amass this currency they can use it to purchase sweet rewards from the store!

Users will be capped on the number of videos they can submit and the total currency that they can earn everyday.

The currency aims to motivate people to workout everyday and to stay healthy.

The Paid Aspect:

The paid aspect relies on a subscription model. Users will subscribe to get sessions with a personal trainer and they can then schedule those lessons with their trainer.

This hold people accountable and encourages them to workout on a daily or weekly basis. The best part is that it is completely digital and users can get the benefits of a personal training session from their home!

Users who pay for the subscription will also get a higher currency cap and will be able to gain more currency every day.

Kilter is the future of online personal fitness and judges, we invite you to be a part of our journey!

How I built it

Our team used HTML and CSS to build the website. We are still getting used to the languages, but we had a blast using them!

Challenges I ran into

Our backend team member was unable to participate which really threw a wrench into our plans. Thus we had to use HTML to link all of out files together, which although was functional, was not practical. We hope to integrate a backend once our team member frees up!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to get it done. We had a late start and as a result had limited time to do it.

What I learned

We learned more about HTML and CSS and we also learned how to link pages together and also embedd videos. It was a great experience!

What's next for Kilter

We plan on integrating more features into the app. Once that is done we hope to make it more robust and then launch it! With the vaccine looking far away it seems that people will be living a sedentary lifestyle for quite a while and we hope that we can launch our idea in time for it to have a large impact!

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