People who are killin' it

What it does

This app is for posting photos with a caption of people who are enjoying life, working hard, and killing it around our community with the purpose of entertainment and acknowledgement of positive actions.

How we built it

Android Studio for android development. Simperium for storage of image metadata. Picasso for image caching. Imgur for image uploading and hosting.

Challenges we ran into

A silly missing driver kept us from building it on an actual android device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First ever attempt at using android UI elements, any kind of data base, and procedural uploading to cloud storage.

What I learned

All of it, we started from a ground level understanding of the software at the beginning of the hackathon.

What's next for Killing It

If it gains enough traction, it could be a popular social app, in which case we would need a fully fledged database and our own image hosting along with user identification. We could make geographical feeds to move it to a community level and manage abusive content.

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