To make a fun game ,to play with others.

What it does

The challenge required us to make a bot that communicates with a Unity server, and participate in a free for all kill fest. The tank with the highest points at the end of 5 minutes wins. This tank bot aims to maximize its kills and points banked by going around in a constant motion and have a scoring algorithm to find the most favorable bot to shoot at.

How I built it

Started from scratch and constantly improving the design. First we started experimenting manually and see how the game is played , its rules and area. Made different algorithms for the movement of the tank-bot and its scoring algorithm for its opponents.

Challenges I ran into

Server side communication was hard to get. Python treating stuff like mod of negative numbers differently took a long time to fix. We also had to build a callback function to limit the number of API calls we send ,so we don't crash the server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working as team, doing server communications which we were not comfortable with

What I learned

What's next for killer-human

Have a predictive algorithm to target other bots.

Built With

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