The pure concept revolving around the revitalization of nature. The fact that the environment around us is in a decline gave us the inspiration of making an app that incentives and inspires others to join in and start helping in reinvigorating the practice of planting trees and other plants. Hence our inspiration and vision regarding the app first intersect and then run parallel.

What it does

Brings like-minded people together to share their activities and progress regarding the process of reviving the green beauty of the Earth by planting trees. Also, it connects people to many organizations which share the same values and ideas as them.

How we built it

We used Bravo Studio for integrating the whole thing and Figma for designing the demo we tried to implement Apache Cassandra for the database and DataStax Astra is the backend framework. We used Google Cloud to host and Knowi to visualize the data.

Challenges we ran into

The backend programming and database management proved to be a little bit more challenging than we thought. In a more minor aspect, choosing the color for the UI was quite difficult as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming together in creating a platform that has the potential of bringing a significant change in the environment. Furthermore, we're really proud of our UI.

What we learned

First and foremost, having a team of individuals who have their own areas of expertise or experience gave us a clear outlook about how fast the product can go from conceptualization to a working asset. We had to learn more about database implementation through Apache Cassandra and also about blackened development via DataStax Astra.

What's next for KII

With our app function in a healthy manner, our focus would be on bringing in the interested crowd to try out the app and be a part of our green movement. We would be focusing a lot on improving our app and adding more features to it which would only make it easier to use for the consumer and more beneficial for nature.

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