"Kidz Quiz Bee" is a trivia game that asks questions and provides hints that can not only inspire kids to know about different animals, capitals and places in this world but also entertains them by providing fun facts, sounds, speech and hints. "Kidz Quiz Bee" is a small attempt to inspire the curiosity in kids to know and learn more about animals, places and capitals through a fun and educational game.

What it does

"Kidz Quiz Bee" is a trivia and provides educational information for kids to learn. This quiz has questions from 3 categories - Animals, Capitals, and Places.The user needs to first choose a category from "Animals, Places or Capitals to get questions from a particular category. The user can say "Repeat" to repeat the question. The user can also say "skip" and they will be prompted to say "next" to move on to the next question. This quiz also provides some interesting and sometimes fun facts for the answer. At the end of each question, kids can say "Hint" if they do not know the answer. Alexa also says a fun or interesting fact at the end of the question. Kids need to say "fact" for Alexa to say a fun fact about the Animal, Capital or the place.

How I built it

"Kidz Quiz Bee" has questions from three categories Animals, Places and Capitals. The data needs to be stored in the database. A table "QuizTable" is created containing data, questions and other content for 3 categories. A Lambda function is invoked with the required "Alexa Skillskit" and DynamoDb trigger to call the skill. Since the content for this skill comes from a table, new questions and content can be added on a scheduled time to keep the young audience engaged and for them to learn more about animals, places and capitals. The required sample utterances and intents were created to make sure all the important scenarios are taken care. Finally, the skill is published and is now live for all. Though this skill is primarily created for kids, it can be invoked and used by anyone with a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges in creating the "Kidz Quiz Bee" skill range from technical, design and testing. The technical challenges include creating, mapping and designing the required intents and speech utterances in the skill. The primary audience being kids, proper care needs to be taken on designing the skill so that every possible error is taken care through appropriate intents and mapping all possible answers that can be expected from a kid. The tables and the required data were initially created in DynamoDb which did not trigger, to be later included within the function for appropriate results. Design challenges involve creating speech utterances and mapping answers wherein Alexa provides appropriate answers to the response. The skill is designed to accept every possible correct answer. The skill is designed so as to provide hints and help feature at every stage. Testing challenges include testing the skill for every possible wrong scenario and if missed mapping it with the correct intent and responses from Alexa. As this skill primarily targets kids, all the possible answers from weird, wrong and answers other than the given choices are mapped with an appropriate response from Alexa.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

"Kidz Quiz Bee" is a trivia game for kids and I am proud of creating a skill for kids which I think can handle all possible errors. I am also happy that I was able to overcome all known technical, design and testing challenges and get the skill live in the Amazon Alexa Store. The real satisfaction would be a time when this skill is used by kids and they feel happy that they learned something new.

What I learned

Though I learned the technical, design and testing part of a kids skill, also learned that creating a skill for kids is not that easy.

What's next for Kidz Quiz bee

The next part of "Kidz Quiz Bee" would be to include more categories and keep updating the questions in the current category, based on the usage of this skill

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