To make an educational and fun Alexa skill for kids that is not only educational but also fun for kids to play.

What it does

"Whats my dessert" is a fun Alexa skill that makes a prediction of users favorite dessert based on a series of questions and their response - "yes" or "no". In the end, the skill also states a fun fact about the dessert and also users personality based on their response.

How I built it

This skill uses Alexa's decision tree template to list favorite and popular desserts. Extensive research is done through the net and books to find the popular and favorite desserts that kids prefer and eat. Then an analysis was made to figure out the common ingredients to create the mapping among various nodes to make the decision tree. This skill also uses Alexa's speech synthesis markup language (SSML) and the supported tags to make the whole experience fun.

Challenges I ran into

  1. To make sure the nodes are mapped correctly.
  2. SSML tags should be formatted correctly for the skill to work.
  3. To figure out the common ingredients in the various desserts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To create a fun app that not only entertains kids but provides educational information about the dessert.

What I learned

The entire experience has been educational from learning about various desserts, the ingredients that go into making the dessert, brief history and present-day significance and importance, besides learning about the Alexa decision tree skill.

What's next for Kidz Quiz bee

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