I see parents and adults glued to their TV's when it comes to Who wants to be a millionaire, My family enjoy the show thoroughly, but i see the kids and others being puzzled and feel this is boring as they don't understand or know any of the questions asked. What if there was an alexa skill for kids ( Be a Millionaire !!)

What it does

This is a trivia game with 15 questions and 3 lifelines.

Fifty fifty lifeline : give you 2 answers for your questions

Expert review : helps with hint on questions

Glide : let you skip the question when you buy it for 99c

Group Mode: The game can be played with alexa or in a group with your friends Boast of your skills and knowledge among your friends by playing this in group mode. Create a group. Share your group name Have your friends play the game in that group. All Group members will be asked the same questions and can check other people score in that group.

Groups that can help you excel: We have created predetermined groups to help users with different kind of domain expertise. IQTest Group : Test you IQ. SAT Group : Check youe stat preparations and play with other similar people. Current Affairs Group : Play with other uses on current affairs. Analytics: We analyze your skills on different types and can share information on what aptitudes you are good at. e.g. User A: 70 percent in maths 20 percent in logic 14 percent in General knowledge.

How we built it

The backend is built using python and flask, lambda, using mongodb at the backend. The skill is written using nodejs. we used google translate to localize the project in other languages.

Challenges we ran into

How can we have alexa ask questions with a timeout. i.e. a question expires if not answered in 30 seconds. How can we make groups for people playing together and against each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lifeline for the skill works in both free and paid mode. ISP is working when the kid has to flip the question. The skill enables people beyond physical boundaries, consider you have friends/relatives who are otherwise not living with you and you want to play and share experiences with them. The group mode provides that experience to people.

What we learned

How to use aws document db, localization for the payload, how to handle user response in different modes. How to use alexa in a progress mode. How to localize your skill in different languages.

What's next for Millionaire Monkeys

Making it more like a daily challenge for people which they can play with their friends in neighborhood or across continent. There’s so much potential with this game now that the core functionality is built. We’re going to be adding more free questions as well as adding more categories as in-skill purchases too. There's also potential licensing opportunities of the application for other groups if the concept is a success. We are planning on adding a new feature to create a group for just your family and play among your family members. The questions will be very private and added by your family members only. that ways you can play with your family and interact with your family.

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