We have had experiences as high schoolers teaching other kids, and we wanted to make an easier platform for people with similar interests to find each other. In my neighborhood, I taught martial arts to a kid who did not want to attend the normal classes because of his ADHD. I found this experience to be extremely rewarding and wanted to find more kids in my area who might want to learn something new or teach something.


Our goal with this project is to connect people who want to learn with people who have something to share. For ourselves, we wanted to learn a new aspect of technology that we had not explored before. For all of us, this proved to be a challenge, but ultimately we learned a lot.

How We Built It

Our team split up into front-end and back-end. The front-end people worked on the code that is currently on GitHub, and created a series of web pages such as login, a dashboard, and settings. The back-end people worked on the database of users, their skills, and classes. The back-end comprised of building a database for each person who creates an account on our website and setting up a web server so that the website can access code which would access the database in order to get information about the user.

Challenges We Ran Into

Initially, our plan was to use SQLite in python to make the database, but we were not able to find a way to connect it to the website directly. Instead, we switched to Google Cloud Platform where 4 people can collaborate on the project at once. This used PostgreSQL and python, which we had never used before. Since we were all beginners in SQL and databases, this took us longer than we expected, so we were unable to fully connect the web server to the website. The app deploys with an error, but once we fix this, we would have a fully connected system. The app uses a local database which is not ideal, but we will be working on fixing these problems in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all proud of both the website interface and the web server that we were able to set up. The website part of the project used Github and Vim to collaborate, which led to a lot of merge conflicts. In the end, we got past all of them, and now have a useable interface. The web server was an entirely new concept to us, requiring us to use the command prompt. We had only gotten a functioning HelloWorld Project for the web server by 2:45 AM, but it still felt great. After that, the app successfully deployed but kept giving us an error.

What I learned

Our team learned so much about how behind a website, databases and code come together to form a functional website where we can create accounts and add features. We learned about the different ways to manage databases, including the SQL and cloud tools available to make our individual websites. All of the members of our team came to the hackathon with little to no knowledge of databases and websites, but we all still managed to pull this project together. We also learned about designing a GUI for a website, and using basic knowledge of workflow tools to collaborate.

What's next for Kids Learn From Kids

Our primary goal for this project is to connect the website to the web server. Due to time restraints, this did not get done, however we already have a plan in place to get this part done. Once all the parts work together, our next goal will be to add all corresponding tables to the database that we have on the website so we can make one complete "person" account on our website. After that, we will expand it and fine tune all the features on the website.

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