Wanted to get our hands with Amazon Sumerian tools and working.

What it does

Its an interactive 3D kids classroom scene which contains 2 amazon lex bots out of which the first bot Grace just introduces us to their classroom program and the other bot Mary is designed in such a way that it interacts with the user(i.e. us) when asked for admission process. There at the scene, we have a television which streams a youtube ABCD songs video which will be used by the first bot Grace to teach the kindergarten class of about 20 students.

How we built it

I and jatin worked together as a team. We first created a normal 3D scene via importing assets that are provided at sumerian. The scene contained two rooms, two interactive lex bots, a HTML 3D entity laid over the TV, lights, cabinet, rugs, sofa and many more entities were imported. Now coming over to our working section, we've used a state machine behavior for the assistant bot to interact whenever the Space bar is pressed and a question is asked and speech component is also used to provide the lex bot response to the user(i.e. us).

Challenges we ran into

Because of importing so many entities our scene started lagging and while playing the scene used to freeze in between the play mode. Many times the lex bot remained unanswered. Still don't know why all these lags occurred.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Is that we are able to learn and got experienced with Sumerian tools and able to make a creative interactive scene.

What we learned

Is Persistence and explored Sumerian tools and unique benefits.

What's next for Kids Interactive Classroom

We have thought of making the classroom more interactive by making these lex bots converse among them. And will add more feature to our Classroom Teacher Bot for example the television on/off is in control of the bot and the teacher bot would be able to interact more with the children there at the classroom.

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