John - As a beginner in programming I was motivated by the team work and intense critical thinking that the team went used throughout the process. Audrey - I was motivated to participate in this project because I'm from Appalachia and I know a lot about the food insecurity crisis that is present here. Shageldi - I was motivated by the initiative named Berea Kids Eat led by Grow Appalachia, a non-profit within Berea College. The initiative faces the problem of delivering kids free meals during the summertime because schools are their main outreach channels.

What it does

Our app notifies families that live below poverty line (30% in Berea community) of the free meal events for their kids in the town.

how we built it

John- I played a part in the front end development of the app. i.e from brainstorm the UI to programming it. using built in tools like buttons, background color , Mapview , Textview etc. Audrey - I helped with UI design and mapping out the features of the app

Challenges I ran into

John- as a beginner, One of the challenges I faced during the process was working with Java as I do not have in depth knowledge of java programming language.
Audrey - I definitely had issues with figuring out what information to include when mapping out, and what order to put information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

John-I am proud of the fact that we were able to build something, although we went through so many challenges.

What I learned

John- A broader experience of android Development using Java, and other technologies like working with google cloud specifically google maps APi, UI best practice for android development Firebase for data base etc. Audrey - I learned how to work quickly under a time limit, and also had my first main experience with UI design.

What's next for Kids Eat

We are hoping to develop this further and polishing it to make it more usable in the coming months. We are hoping for it to work with the Facebook page that exists right now, or possibly replace it.

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