My inspiration comes from my 6-years-old daughter who plays similar kind of game on my phone. I developed this skill mainly for two reasons, 1- There shouldn't be a need for kids to stress their eyes in order to look at the screen 2- To save kids from clicking on annoying and meaningless ads.

It helps kids learn by playing the sound quiz. Kids guess the sound of animal, birds, characters etc.

I built it using Amazon services mainly ASK and Lambda.

The biggest challenge I faced was to play audio file during the speech. After reading many articles and going through several blogs I found that I need to convert all audio files to rate 16000 and bitrate 48kbps.

The best part was that my daughter helped me complete it. She is my only tester and the first user to use the skill.

This is not my first Alexa skill, however, it was very different. I learnt about the supported audio file formats and also ways to add them as part of speech.

I am planning to add a database (Dynamo DB) in coming days so that I can add more questions on the fly and record kids progress and provide questions based on their progress.

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