How can I Interactively teach a kid a subject?

What it does

Kids Booklet teaches and tests various subjects like Numbers, Multiplication Tables, addition and subtraction. KinderHeft is the German version.

Following things can be taught and tested. Example Phrases 1) Alexa open Kids Booklet 2) Teach Me Addition 3) Test me in Subtraction 4) Teach Me Multiplication table 5) What subjects do you teach 6) Teach me numbers 7) Test Me in Addition 8) Test me in Numbers 9) Teach me Numbers 10) Test Me in Multiplication Table

German Version: KinderHeft Schritte zum Testen 1) Alexa öffnen Kinder heft 2) bring mir Addition bei 3) teste mich in Subtraktion 4) bring mir 3er Reihe einmaleins bei 5) Welche Fächer unterrichten Sie 6) bring mir Zahlen bei

How I built it

Using Java in micro services architecture and extended Locale to German with a configuration change.

Challenges I ran into

sometimes when a slot value is received checking whether it is one word or two words is tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and teaches in English and German

What I learned

Teaching redefined with simplicity

What's next for Kids Booklet

Other Language Locales : German Live now

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