I am volunteering with kids in Ukraine few years, including Hour of Code initiative ( Usually kids start learn computer science with Scratch, and for hour of code initiative volunteers mostly use Scratch tutorial - so it is became boring:(
I want to help teens (11-19 years old person) discover other, technical side of Instagram and show huge field to express creativity, show what they care about.

What it does

My tutorial - is end-to-end step-by-step guide for absolute beginners.

How I built it

  • I followed official tutorial Spark AR tutorial - and mark every hard moment and place where I was stack.

Challenges I ran into

  • English is not my native language, so it was quite hard to find right words

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I create my first ever anInstagram filter, a tutorial, a github page.

What I learned

  • How to build AR effects, github page, working with Spark AR interface.

What's next for Spark AR for teens (Hour of code edition)

  • translate this tutorial in Ukrainian and provide it to our DevC Kyiv members to host hour of code with AR in Ukraine
  • move this to Docusaurus 2 and add translation to other languages
  • create lessons note for teacher

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