As one member of the team grew up primarily in apartment complexes, it was realized that children growing up in apartments (who are more likely to be lower-income than those living in houses) are not able to experience the same sense of community that is cultivated in a neighborhood setting.

What it does

Kidoordinate lets guardians find other guardians living in apartment complexes nearby, and schedule playdates for their children. This is intended to foster a support network for both parents and children residing in apartments.

How we built it

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery for front-end PHP, MySQP, Curl, Google Maps for backend

Challenges we ran into

Determining how we could make the app secure while still allowing people to connect based on their interests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functional and takes into account factors like location (Google Maps API)

What we learned

Learned how to interact with Bootstrap, how to use Google Maps API

What's next for Kidoordinate

Allow calendar compatibility, allow multiple kids to be added for each guardian, sanitizing inputs, checking for playdate time conflicts, verification of address/apartment complex, notification of playdate request updates

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