Many Canadians struggle with managing their finances, largely as a result of an inadequate financial education. As four university students, we have seen the consequences of poor financial literacy firsthand.

What it does

CommonCents is a set of financial literacy games with the goal to teach kids important financial ideas. To incentivize children to learn financial fundamentals and enhance their learning, parents set a given allowance for their children to earn weekly. When a child successfully completes an activity or makes a sound financial decision, funds will be transferred from the parent's account to the child's account.

How we built it

CommonCents was built using ReactJS and NodeJS. Financial transactions and customer info is retrieved from TD's Di Vinci API.

Challenges we ran into

As the hackathon spans for only a weekend, our team struggled with having enough time to complete a large library of games.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud that after one weekend of work, we have a proof of concept and better understanding of financial literacy.

What we learned

Our team left the hackathon with a greater understanding of web development frameworks and version control.

What's next for CommonSense

We hope to continue adding mini-games and activities to better educate kids about financial literacy, and gain user feedback to see that our tools are effective.

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