I was inspired by my ever-curious 5 year old daughter who starting showing interest in understanding the value of money and how her money can be applied to goals. I recently completed an iOS app development course through and was excited to try building my own app.

What it does

Kid Fun!d is an iOS app to help young children learn about finances. The app encourages children to understand how to earn and save money for desired items or goals. Kids and parents together can select goals and methods to earn money. Kids can then track their financial progress to reach their goals.

Key Features

  • Parent and children share account
  • Password required to enter parent view
  • Parent can add pre-set or custom tasks and goals to child profile
  • Task and goal $ amounts can be customized for each child
  • After a child completes a task, parent is notified to approve
  • Child’s funds increase after parent approval
  • App can be used on iPhone or iPad
  • Children can press audio speaker buttons to hear text read back to them
  • Children can view their progress towards their goals with progress bars

How I built it

I used Swift, Xcode/iOS SDK, and Back4App. I used Git for source control. I used Google, a lot.

Challenges I ran into

Getting all of the components and views to work together. Getting the layout to work! Working with Back4App queries which are new to me. Creating CRUD operations for all of the components. Getting the buttons to work for each cell and passing data from the cells.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating CRUD operations in a coding language and platform that I am still learning.

What I learned

How to pass around object between views. How to customize views and how to use views for animation.

What's next for Kid Fun!d

Improve the user interface. Add more customization options for user. Get actual cost information for items. Add more user feedback and form validation.

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