Team Number 21 We would like to be considered for the general prizes.


We were inspired to create this technology to address the need for an affordable means to monitor at-risk individuals using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Users include children and those suffering from dementia or autism. A team member has a relative who suffered from a stroke, which resulted in confusion following the incident. This will be used by caregivers and guardians to ensure at-risk individuals do not wander away.

What it does

Our application communicates with the Bluetooth beacons in order to determine the proximity of the individual carrying the beacon from the phone. At certain preset distances, the phone will give the user a warning and an alarm when the beacon goes beyond what is considered the "safe zone".

How we built it

We built it using Java on android studio. We mounted a beacon onto a 3D printed base and secure the base to a teammates wrist with a flexible band created with duct-tape and a zip-tie lining. We then deployed and tested the application on a teammate's phone and were able to fine-tune the application to provide warnings once the app and beacon separate at predetermined intervals.

Challenges we ran into

Deprecated SDK examples provided by the hardware supplier presented a roadblock. We were able to work around it using experience from a couple team members and research performed by others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to develop an android application from scratch that effectively communicates with the beacons to provide a cheaper alternative when monitoring the proximity of at-risk individuals.

What we learned

We learned how to become flexible when faced with challenges from the provided hardware. An example is the Bluetooth beacons we used.

What's next for KID-B-SAFE

The next step is to attach a heart rate sensor to monitor the vitals of the user and ensure that the band is not accidentally removed. This addition will provide further value for both the user of the application and of the band.


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