In working with young students with special needs, I have encountered various crisis situations that have caused the student to run away, leaving school grounds. They are quick, and lack safety awareness. I think that by having an application in which notifies the students' parents and education team as soon as the student exits the premises, they will be able to deploy a quick response time.

How it works

The students phone will have the GPS location set with Sense 360 , and use the did exit School recipe. Once the student leaves the geofence, the alert will call the parents and education team, using Twilio. The parties will be able to receive a message saying the student has left school grounds.

Challenges I ran into

Using Twilio, I had difficulty setting up the call function with the correct token and SID.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the backend of the application. Using Twilio as the special feature.

What I learned

How to simulate location and set up a custom made geofence.

What's next for Kid Alert

Providing an option for parents to enter their child's school using exact location check-in.

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