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Having missed a few meals because we acknowledged the message from mom to buy takeaway, but promptly forgot to buy it on our way home, we decided to solve this issue by allowing users to order food within Telegram!

What it does

Order food from favourite food store, pay for it, and have it delivered to your place without leaving Telegram. We have built a merchant order queue management on iOS as well, so that merchants will be updated by orders coming into their system as well.

How I built it

  • Using a basic Telegram Bot Framework for Python, expanding the capabilities
  • Firebase to store data on the cloud

Challenges I ran into

  • Not knowing how to write scalable code that can be reused easily
  • Writing code that are inconsistent with the one used by the mobile app
  • Using Firebase instead of MySQL

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building an e-commerce store purely on the Telegram Platform with limited resources online
  • Setting up Firebase and writing the post request method

What I learned

  • Connecting to Firebase serve via Python
  • Building scalable apps via efficient code management and organisation
  • How to better read and understand documentation before implementation, and write better programs.

What's next for KICKON Food Bot

Get acquired Allow delivery, more food merchants, and group ordering system because our poor fam/ friends gotta get dem food too!

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