Inspiration built the best soccer skill, including all relevant data on results, previews, predications, ranking and news for German and European soccer leagues.

What it does

...includes all data for German and European soccer leagues. kicker provides current live scores, results, rankings, previews, statistics and news (including videos).

How I built it

...built with Java, Alexa Skill Kit for Java, APL and hosted on AWS

Challenges I ran into

...the biggest challenge was designing the complex apl templates to present the user with all data offered by kicker.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

... kicker is the most comprehensive soccer skill in skill store, providing a huge set of data combined with a compelling apl interface.

What I learned

...I learned building complex skills, with education, apl interfaces, videos etc.

What's next for kicker

... next steps will be:

  • to integrate Proactive Events and add more data
  • further personalize the skill (let users set their favorite team)
  • add more videos from kicker video channel

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