Alzheimer's Disease is a horrible disease that robs a person of their memory, independence, and overall quality of life. We want to use virtual reality to help reduce stress, improve cognition, and retain memories.

What it does

Immerses a user in a garden where they can grown memory flowers and engage with stimulating music and atmosphere.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Implementing voice recognition and painstakingly little details

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built one of the first apps built on Daydream platform to help Alzheimer's patients.

What we learned

We learned about daydream platform and Watson SDK for Daydream 3D.

What's next for KickALZ

Get as many people to use as possible


1.) The name of your team lead Jacob Hamman

2.) The team lead's telephone number 213-999-9272

3.) The location where the judges can find your team including the floor number Room E15-359a on 3rd Floor

4.) The vertical category in which you are competing: Human Well-Being (Education/Health/Wellness/Activism)

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