I noticed back in my home town that farmers with small exploitations and artisans of the area had hard time selling their production. They can sell only at retail and when they don't have enough customers there, they cannot sell to big buyers because they cannot provide the product in the required amount. On the other side , wholesalers, small industries, ..., have hard time moving from individual to individual, every time they have to buy something that is produced at small scale that they need in sizeable quantity. The persons producing at small scale are rarely interested in gathering in something like a cooperative and having to purchase from producers one is a tedious process for buyers . An online solution that allows producers to collectively respond on the fly to call for tenders from big buyers will help bridge the gap between them.

What it does

The main idea of the place is to allow a group to respond to a single offer and provide the structure to handle this .On Kyba, a group of producer gather to make an offer to a buyer looking for a product. The product traded on this platform can be anything that is produced in modest size by scattered groups of individuals but is looked for in sizeable quantities by some buyer: bio farm products, handicrafts, ... The platform will handle the dispatching of the money paid by the buyer to the sellers.

The producers can also create collectives, where they show their product. A buyer can then send an offer specifically to a collective. The orders are shared between the producers equally and if anyone decline to process an order totally or partially, it is proposed to the others.

The fully built product will have a chat for producers to discuss between them and a chat service for discussions between negotiating parts.

How we built it

Go for the backend . No frontend frameworks and libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Time. Noticed the hackaton just 3 days before the end of the competition. Did not finished building it.

What we learned

How to handle payments and checkout in a web app.

What's next for Kyba

Finish building the app. We'd like to explore the idea further.

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