Pakistan is an agriculture country so a lot of people rely on agriculture sector as a source of income for them.We have seen less use of technology in agriculture.So here we are proposing a solution to facilitate farmers.

Advisory system to counter issue's of the farmer. By getting valuable information farmer will be able to cultivate best crops and can take certain precautions if needed.

We used android platform to code our mobile app. Mockups of this app were built using photoshop.

Pakistan is an agricultural country and nearly 70% of population depends on agriculture.We are proud to present an idea which will help farmers to attain maximum growth . The use of our app will help in excellent revenue generation both for government and farmer.

Challenge facing in less time helps was a learning point.

We are looking forward to extend this idea and connect government sector with this platform also. It will act as a bridge between a local farmer and government of pakistan.

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