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In today's world where access to internet is taken for granted and the web has become a free marketplace for merchants, a free library for learners with access to a zillion resources of information and most of all the endless opportunities to meet and connect with people; we have now become accustomed to free resources and solutions for our different needs. so one way or the other we are helping ourselves for our own needs, that is to say looking for best possible solutions for our own difficulties or problems.

But what about the problems and difficulties that exist in our community, our locality or neighborhood. How do we address
them being a preveliged citizen, preveliged because we have better access of information, the internet of people we know who can solve or perhaps reach them. This scenario gives rise to two basic questions (1) How & where does one go about delivering his problem on the internet ? Facebook or tiwtter are too social and informal to do this, neither is there any formal government website where people can post there problem. (2) Someone who want's to volunteer for there community work, specially university or college students , or someone with a career or profession wants to use his expertise or experience been used for a noble cause, a life-saving problem or a cause.

This is where Khidmatgar fills the void, Khidmatgar is an online civic engagement website where problems are posted and people follow and discuss for possible solutions. Community Problems can be divided into categories and hence user can also choose from a filtered list he is interested to solve. Like a person with a civic diploma can help in construction of a school for the poor as a noble cause.


Khidmatgar is a website where users sign up to post problems or post solutions against any problem being posted. People who find problems in their community can post it on the website.


A visiter of the website is welcomed with a nice looking landing page that lets him/her either sign up for an account or if he is an existing user he can sign in. (facebook sign-in is in the pipeline). The sign up or sign in forms validates the email so if an email is already registered a notification message is displayed.

The website is user friendly and easy to navigate for users to either see, post or solve a problem. after signing in the user is displayed with the main page, on the top right corner he has three links: "EDIT PROFILE", "SIGN OUT" and "POST A PROBLEM".

In the body the page is divided into two sections the left side displays list of problems being posted flanked with the "SEARCH FORM" on the top where user can filter the list with categories provided. Each list of problem in the listing fee has three buttons " Read More " , "No. of Solutions" and the call to action "Post a Solution"

On the right side we have Latest Solutions which populates latest solutions being submitted by someone recently on the website.


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