Well, the inspiration for this project came from one of the worst phases our country has ever faced, the introduction of the 3-farm bills by the incumbent government in power to repeal these farm laws. From that we understood that to farmers what was more important was the security that the MSP & Mandi system provided over the high risk-high reward that would have been enacted if the bills stayed. So essentially our project focuses to evolutionize the existing systems rather than revolutionizing them. We are digitizing the Mandi auction system set by the government in place by the MSP system.

What it does

It provides a simple and functional interface to our consumers- farmers, shopkeepers(raw material sellers for agriculture), and businesses/Mandi bidders-sellers. We can break the features of our app into 3 parts…. • Mandi It digitizes the existing and prevalent market system where a farmer takes his entire production to the market and then sells it with uncertainty about whether his produce will get bought or not and all the transportation fees behind it To a system where this entire bidding process takes place online over the app and the farmer is assured whether his product will be sold or not directly from his home without the worry he will find buyers or not and the transportation costs. • Shops The Kheti-Wari platform provides the farmers and the raw goods - seeds, fertilizers retailers, and distributors to meet on this platform. It shows the farmers the nearby retail shops available on maps (using google maps API)

How we built it

We developed this mobile application in Android Studio. For the front end, we used XML and for the back end, we used Kotlin and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of applying link in our app which is made in Kotlin. There was no direct way of fetching the data.

What we learned

We learned how to not just build according to our needs but our consumers that is the farmer's needs, and how transparency between farmers and businesses/entities under government regulations can bring a huge level playing field for the farmers.

What's next for Khetiwari

As a future scope, we have thought of building this as an e-commerce platform where we connect the shops and consumers(farmers) and use local transportation to provide the delivery to the farmers' doorstep. We intend to implement blockchain in our project for keeping track of each transaction in the Mandi system between farmers and the businesses/mandi bidders. This will help us in keeping transparent records that cannot be tampered with. We will be looking forward to collaborating with a private blockchain company to make this possible.

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