The framework for my potential application StudyWatch .

StudyWatch is a potential application to track the availability of study rooms in The University of Akron's Bierce Library. This is React-Native framework, with static data input to create a potential appearance. With extremely strong cross-platform abilities and beautiful, crisp design a possibility right out of the gate, it was an obvious choice for this build. Plus, with node.js, the potential application backend will not hog user memory, a serious problem for most phone users today.

A tabbed navigation bar allows a user to switch easily between screens. The colors in the design of this app were chosen with color-blindness in mind, so it is easily navigable by those who cannot see the typical red-green indicator colors. Bright, saturated hues provide much-needed contrast and help the app to not feel too utilitarian. Symbols and colors are used together, making sure it is always clear what the meaning of an icon is.

While I'm certain to update it in the weeks to come, I feel I made a strong start on the development of this application. React-Native was an entirely new experience for me, and I had minimal experience in ReactJS before entering the hackathon. I'm proud to present this project as my first hackathon debut.

See the visual-elements folder in the repository for logo source files and screen stills!

(Visual elements were created by Tammie Nguyen.)

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