What is HarRESTment

HarRESTment framework is a distributed, scallable, and intelligent harassment tracking and prevention tool. It is intended to be open sourced, and compatible with all current and future attempts to fight cyber bullying. (API, Native apps, Persistent Perpetrator Tracking)

What does it do? How?

Our framework provides an API for real-time harassment analysis, native-Chrome extension for blocking harassment, and persistent perpetrator profiling and tracking. To accomplish this, we built a RESTful (Har...RESTment...) service that accepts analysis requests from client applications. This service takes logs of suspicious activity that users using "Harassment blocking software" submit for analysis, and runs our own battery of tests, along with several Natural Language Processing APIs, logs the data for later collation, and responds with a "harassment level".
In order to demonstrate the "Harassment blocking software", we built a Chrome extension that supports the analysis API, user specific tracking services, and data visualization. It looks at online messages and comments on user assigned applications (Reddit, Facebook, etc), calls the harassment analysis API, blocks messages with a high harassment score, and adds a flag to messages with medium to low harassment score. Finally, the chrome extension has a user management page where they can choose to send reporting for bully profiling, the thresholds for "harassment score", and can view their personal harassment history. Finally, we developed a persistent perpetrator profiling and tracking tool that looks at large amounts of data generated from our services that can be used to identify bad individuals. This finds patterns in content, time, place, and puts all this data into a central location.

Why we did it?

We are well aware of the terribly negative impact that online harassment causes. We hear the saddening stories about individual pushed to depression, violence, and suicide. We saw a way to fix this, and we hope we do.

What makes it special?

Our app is a framework that is designed to be distributed, and open source. Stopping cyber bullying will take more than a single app, including our own! Our intention was to let others use our API and resources to fight harassment as a "global neighborhood watch".

What was it made with?

Node REST on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB; Chrome Extension with Bootstrap, JQuery, Morris.js;

What does the future hold?

We are really excited to develop this design to it's full capacity, which is a lot. Extensions for every browser, plugins for every social application, dockers with fully autonomous, scale-able, and distributed resources, public "harassment algorithms and patterns"

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