Initial inspiration for our app was reselling of tickets as an industry and how to put that down, so we thought of creating event tickets using HTS. Later we had time so we created NFT using HTS and after that made DNFT so that we can start work on data tokens on Hedera Ecosystem. In the end we started creating 4 different variety of tokens for specific causes. In the end we thought of making, like a fun crypto collectible game so we added color picker

What it does

Our Web App is a platform to create/buy/sell 4 different variety of tokens amongst which we have 'Cause based tokens' .The cause can be an event , movie , relief fund or Loyalty program and even relief tokens made by NGO's for better Cross border Donations(As the transaction speed is high and cost is less) etc. Other than that we have a small crypto collectible game pre-built on the application. That is our take on crypto collectible on hedera ecosystem with HTS and HCS .With these things we are still not finished because we tried to get our hands dirty with NFT(making NFT using HTS but it is not natively supported) and DNFT(Dynamic NFT created by using HTS and HCS).NFT here is basically focused on 1 unit quantity asset like real estate and 1 piece of art/digital art whereas DNFT is focused on something like 100 or 1000 of records of a particular song published by a singer

we are looking towards future possibilities where our user use our app for travel fields and shopping industry

Challenges we ran into

  • React Native did not work with Js SDK so we had to shift to Reactjs
  • Association errors of tokens
  • issues while making NFT
  • making dynamic QR codes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our first dynamic React App
  • We were able to make a crypto collectible game
  • First Time working with HTS and HCS
  • learned to use a lot of react things with the context api
  • We have made something that is practical and fun
  • Learned working with firebase
  • Learned how to create custom react hooks
  • learned to publish app on github pages

What's next for Khazana

  • Adding liquidity for every token on our platform
  • Better UI/UX
  • An App with the some extra functionalities
  • demo file inclusion are while creating data tokens
  • convert price options to other things as well
  • making this app like a wallet app to work for various industries all together
  • making dynamic QR codes

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