Please watch out video demo of an IoT device going through the steps to join Kharon!

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Welcome to Kharon Protocol.

Kharon aims to power-up businesses and enterprises by connecting blockchains with IoT.

Introduction and Problem Statement

IoT comes with several use cases in different sectors, however, its wider application is caught sometimes behind security concerns over data storage or on the device itself. Will combining it with blockchain be the answer to all its woes? Our answer is yes, as the projects trying to tackle these problems surely reflect. But they all come with their set of drawbacks that must be tackled along the way.

Blockchain can Bring to the table Decentralization of data, added Security, which is perhaps one of the greatest woes of IoT. Transparency: as anyone would be able to check the blockchain at any time. Autonomy, as the Blockchain reinforces machine to machine economies through a token. And reduced costs as there are already great projects around with huge infrastructure.


Enter the Kharon project, we aim to bring forth all of the previously discussed benefits by joining IoT and Blockchain, but without the downside.

This is achieved by focusing on Interoperability between blockchains.

Namely the Solana blockchain with its speed and ease of development and the huge infrastructure of the Helium Network with its more than one hundred and eighty thousand LoRa Hotspots around the world.

Kharon provides a way to connect between these two chains, provides Machine to Machine economics through our OBOL token, and several services to businesses and enterprises such as provenance and asset tracking.

Now let’s go to our Demo of Kharon Protocol.

First of all, our page is already online and you can visit it without problem. The page is deployed with Azure DevOps to facilitate its scalability. Here we have our landing page, which helps us to give general information about the project and direct the user in the correct way to use our application. It also gives real-time data of the price of Solana and Helium through the Coinmarketcap API.

You can start the application by clicking on the button in the corner that will take us to the menu to be able to swap between Solana and Helium. In order to access the services to add IoT devices, we must connect our wallet for security reasons. Thus adding an additional layer of confidence. After connecting the wallet, we can now see the devices and the last messages of the device. Now by entering the signature, that will direct us to the Solana Explorer where we can see that indeed the transaction is input into Solana's devnet.

How it's built

Each of the devices connected to the Helium Network. They send the information from LoRaWAN to the network, once it gets there it is sent directly to our integration which works as a WebHook, this request reaches our NodeJS Express server. It then processes each of the hook calls and sends them to the solana blockchain through the Solana CLI, which is installed and configured on the server to communicate with the devnet directly.

The website obtains the user’s public key through the phantom wallet. This method allows us to keep a record linked to that PubKey of the devices.

The OBOL token then works as the intermediary of these transactions as a Machine to Machine economy in order to keep track and abilitate Networks of use and probably in the future we can experiment with some mining capabilities for these sensors.

All communication with the server and the website is done through API Management to facilitate scalability when server requests become larger.

The rapid development and deployment of our web app was carried out using AzureDevOps.

Services used:

Use Cases, impact on the ecosystem and GTM Strategy on our github!:

What's next for Kharon Protocol

The project is still in its early stages, but we already have an almost ready-to-launch project at hand! We invite you to test it as it is COMPLETELY functional. Of course our weaknesses are around the edges as we need some help regarding tokenization and fundraising but we think that this project has a great potential in becoming THE bridge between Solana and Helium. Probably a third integration with Arweave might be at hand, as data loads become bigger and Helium is looking at 5G integration. The impact regarding the Solana ecosystem is huge, as it merges the ideals of a Nasdaq-speed blockchain architecture with the enourmous infrastructure that the Helium Network has with its more that 230,000 Longfi hotspots around the world and solves the woes that IoT normally has without a blockchain implementation. Adding to that our Swap platform we also bring liquidity between two growing chains that didn't had much in common beforehand.

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