In Pakistan, people are selling homemade food and different frozen items. But mostly people don't have the budget to market their services due to which they use social media tools like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram which does not cater to the right audience.

It connects vendors/sellers with buyers. We have two types of users, vendors/sellers, and buyers. Firstly, Users have to register first then they have to make their profile.

It was summer vacation 2019 when we started learning flutter online, after that we did some projects in startups to gain some professional experience. Our team came up with this startup idea after discussing a lot of other ideas and decided to start building the application on flutter. We divided the work to speed up the process. Designing and user interface development are done by Mohammad Saad and Abdul Mustafa, the backend work is done by Muhammad Ali Khan.

We face so many challenges and difficulties like when it comes to database designing, It needs proper paperwork to clear our problems. It was difficult to design the User Interface because earlier we just did the work of development. It was also difficult to done work on giving deadlines giving from the team.

We always feel proud that we just complete our full-fledged application development. Our belief became more strong on that your hard work always pays off.

We have learned so many things like how to work with the team, how to manage the projects, how to make a product that we had thought of.

We are planning to update the application UI more and check for more bug fixes. We will be launching in the application as our startup idea.

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