We took inspiration from the mechanichs behind Tinder that has set the new standard for effective interaction when determine quick descisions. And we took inspiration from games in order to make the experience more fun.

What it does

Khan Academy has +30 000 hours of work of translating their course materials and all translations needs proof reading. Our Android app and web app has made the proof reading more effective by quickly providing a way of judging if a translation is good or not.

By using credibility points the users will get motivated to make good judgements and allow the users to climb on leaderboards and receive awards for their contributions.

How we built it

The solution is built for android and web and is connected to a dummy backend.

Challenges we ran into

Time! We had problems with compiling existing code. The backend existed we were unable to connect to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked as a team and got to learn a lot. This we think is a nice accomplishment.

What we learned

See above.

What's next for Khantribute_

The solution we built needs to hook up to the existing backend. And the web and android app has some more coding to do. We will provide the code we have and guide Khan Academy on what remains.

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