The inspiration for this project was a team member's constant struggle searching Kijiji for different items. This person then asked himself why there is no application that helps with this matter. The team then decided to go ahead and build this application which will make the life of our team members easy, but also help others find what they are looking for on Kijiji.

What it does

The purpose of the application is to make it easier for individuals to search Kijiji listings and get notifications when their needs are met. The user will specify the preferences he/she is looking for in an item. These preferences will be used by the server end of the application to do hourly searches of Kijiji and finding what meets the preferences. The client end of the application will receive the data and display it to the user in a user-friendly way. Notifications will be send to the user by the application whenever a hit is found.

How we built it

We used loopback as the server end of the application and ionic framework as the front end of the application. The ionic framework allows us to user wrappers for generating Android and iOS applications, while at the same time giving us the opportunity of having a web based application for computer use.

Challenges we ran into

Many challenges were met during this project which included; using javascript for the first time, deploying a server end for the first time, and interfacing the two. With not so experienced members in web development and javascript, this project was a challenge since everything is new.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main accomplishment was finishing a functioning protype of the application which can be used to search Kijiji as is. Other accomplishments include using javascript for the first time, setting up the interface and layout, and also setting up the server end of the project.

What I learned

We learned lots of cool things with this project. Whether it was javascript, html, server applications, all the way to interfacing the different parts of an application. The use of ionic framework has taught us lots, as it helps in the development of Android and iOS based application in an easy manner.

What's next for Khajeed

Extended filtering for Listing such as: pricing limits, displaying listings with images only, displaying listings only sold by user.

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