The core Inspiration is the Khidmat of Hajj. There should be the proper use of technology to facilitate Hajj.

It basically facilitates Hajj and honorable guests come for Haramain-Sharifain.

I built it by using the cognitive platform "Watson", by using Watson Services over the IBM Cloud with the Node.JS on the backend.

The real Challenge I'm facing is, to make the platform dynamic I would need the help from the real Khadim Al-Haramain Al-Sharifain.

The project in its self is an accomplishment, it will do the great Khidmat of Haramain-Sharifain on which I can proud.

In the vNEXT step, the project "Khadim Al-Haramain Al-Sharifain" need to be more mature and dynamic. Also, need to add Speaking and multi language capability to it.

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