We were inspired to create GoMint, a platform for content creators and their fans to show their appreciation for each other. Currently much of the value exchanged between these two parties is lost to intermediaries. GoMint will bridge the divide between content creators and consumers.

What it does

GoMint has created a low friction, easy to use platform for tokenizing tangible and digital assets. While the GoMint platform is accessible to a wide range of assets, we have focused on media tokenization for our example.

How we built it

We created a portal where users can Mint new tokens by completing a form, which allows them to customize standard contracts, or upload their own contract. The form collects information such as; Token Name, Token Description, Asset Type, Asset URL (or Upload), Smart Contract Type, Token Attributes (Keys and Controls), Amount of Tokens to Create and Create on Testnet or Mainnet.

GoMint offers both an API service and a website allowing anyone to create tokens on HTS. The API is written in node.js and runs on Google Cloud Platform. The website is php based and connects to the API on GCP. Separation of the website and API will allow these services to develop independently, promoting efficiency and standardisation.

Challenges we ran into

We knew we wanted a simple and open application but also wanted to focus on a specific use case for it. Switching from big picture to managing detail proved to be a challenge. Crafting an engaging story whist keeping the application generic was difficult given the workload and timeframe. As a group of three individuals whom have never worked together before and are geographically distributed, communication became an area of focus so that we could maintain direction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed a working prototype (yay!) Through the process of developing GoMint we uncovered many of the features that will be built into it moving forward. We somehow managed 4 months of innovation in 4 weeks. A nascent brand has been created which shows potential as a simple and straight forward way to tokenize assets. We were also lucky enough to find an amazing server admin to support our project (shout-out to Vesko)

What we learned

We learned how HTS works! It is a simple and flexible platform to work with. We also now have a greater awareness of what needs to be done to move the project forward. We brought three very unique view points and diverse skillsets to the project. Valuing this diversity helped us to see strengths and weaknesses we likely would not have uncovered otherwise.

What's next for GoMint

GoMint plans to issue its own token on HTS - working name is MINT. Under the first use case of tokenizing digital content, the MINT token could be allocated to Content Creators based on their verified share of the overall platform activity through their own token (e.g. the ALICE token) and also to their subscribers. We expect this to greatly assist new Hedera account openings. Content Creators could also pledge a proportion of their tokens to GoMint in return for MINT tokens to derive value from the success of the overall GoMint platform.

There are many opportunities for GoMint to establish strategic partnerships. The content hosting and sharing sector is a highly competitive marketplace and ripe for integrations that give creators and users more value. Although digital content tokenization is our first use-case, GoMint is asset-agnostic and we plan to enter into partnerships with global entities to verify assets by attaching a nested verification token.

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posted an update

Try tokenizing your own content with GoMint, it's free on testnet so have a play to your hearts content! eg tokenise a photo from your phone with the upload button, or any document type by providing a link. Share the result on twitter & mention @gomintme #hedera21 to get a surprise reward to your twitter inbox :-) Thanks for trying GoMint!

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