We liked the idea to develop an app that will make people eat healthier food. Furthermore the open technology stack allowed us to build the app on the technologies we wanted to use.

What it does

The main goal of our app is to motivate people to eat healthier. A lot of people take photos of their food anyway, so why not use these photos to analize your eating habits. Each photo gets analized by Google Vision. Based on the data provided by Google and additional information from various services, the app determines how healthy your meal is. Your image and the results of the analysis is presented to the community. Every member has the opportunity to score your food. So you get a complete picture of how sound your meal was. In the end you join the competition: who eats best? Food porn with benefits :-)
Additional the app provides information about how much execise you need to get rid of the consumed calories. On top, the app suggests healthier alternatives for your next meal. Join the competion now:

How we built it

We devided our work into backend and frontend development. Two team members worked on the frontend and two on the backend. Each team had its own git repository with CI build. This way we were really fast with prototyping.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes the documentations of the apis we used were really troublesome. Also the process to gain access to some of the apis was hard. There was not enough coffee :-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of having a funtional prototyp of an app. We think that the idea we developed has a lot of potential.

What we learned

In the beginning, we were a little lost and did not know where to start. In our daily business as develpers, we are used to have a lot of presets and guidelines we have to follow. At the hack, we are totally free to use what ever technology we like. So we just begun hacking and piece after piece our solution has grown. This was quite inspiring.

What's next for KFC - Klean Food Competition

We're thinking about multitenancy :-)

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