Humans type differently from each other. This is a science fact. We spent hours hiring monkeys to write Shakespeare and came up with an algorithm to tell them apart. Basically we did more math than any of us have willingly done in years. After intense UI debates mostly centered around whether or not we need buttons and what shade of purple the background should be, we cracked the code. Not literally, which is good because we need you to pass judgement on our project.

We bought a lot of bananas to keep the monkeys fed for the duration of a hackathon, and don't even get us started on the energy drinks they need to pontificate and wax eloquent. The generation of elegant prose becomes difficult for monkeys when they haven't slept in 2 days.

Scientists have praised our project as "groundbreaking" and "not really groundbreaking but pretty cool I guess". Taylor Swift dated and broke up with our project, and wrote a hit song about it.

tldr; our program can tell who you are by typing.

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