Do you ever have 10 million variations of passwords for your 5 million different emails and usernames? We definitely do, and it's constantly a struggle to remember which passwords are for each site, so we wanted to make an app to help with that!

What it does

To help remember which passwords are for each site, we've made a password keeper that uses emoji encryption! This way, users are able to use their varying interpretations of emojis to protect their privacy and keep a visual reminder of their precious passwords.

How we built it

Lots of love, sleep deprivation, coffee, Awake chocolate, and uh Swift (through Xcode).

Challenges we ran into

Merge and tree conflicts between our four members... Also, sleep is a dangerous temptation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving the merge and tree conflicts after countless hours, collaborating despite the differing levels of experience that each member had with the Swift language, and being able to demo something that we've committed to (through Git).

What we learned

A LOT OF SWIFT. We got through constraints, managing Xcode's (unnecessarily) complex interface, retrieving lost Storyboard pages, and implementing UIKit and CoreData.

What's next for Keymoji

Implementation of Snap Kit APIs (we'd like to use Bitmojis :D) and user authentication using various social media platforms.

Built With

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