Keycord was driven by my desire to create a better, more seamless 2FA system for web platforms to use.

What it does

Keycord is able to distinguish attackers from users by comparing minute differences in typing patterns recognized in keyboard use.

How I built it

Keycord's demo backend was built in Node.js with my own HTTP server library, Vaxic. The server-side processing system was built with Node.js and the demo frontend was built with standard modern web technologies. The frontend recording library was built with JS.

Challenges I ran into

Perfecting the detection algorithm wasn't simple and took much trial and error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This system recognizes users with a staggering degree of accuracy, and was built in under 8 hours!

What I learned

I learned about 2FA and how keyboard-based authentication functions.

What's next for Keycore

Hopefully I can launch this into its own developer-facing product. I'm hoping to launch a service which makes it easy for developers to record and compare users' keyboard biometrics through an API.

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