The busy urban professionals' wallets and keychains are rapidly expanding with the number of different keys we must carry around to complete our daily tasks (e.g. ClipperCard, ZipCar card, office dongle, apartment dongle). We want a streamlined, lighter future for pocket books everywhere.

KeyChange is an app which would be combined with an ultra-thin RFID reader-writer embedded in a mobile phone case.

The product reads your RFID card or fob and stores it in the app, and can reproduce the original RFID signature on request from the user. Via map integration, we see in the future a way for the app to smartly predict which RFID tag to activate.

We envision a RFID reader-writer and programmable RFID card combined in an ultra-thin iPhone case, connected to the lightning cable connector, with a connector port that bridges from the user's normal connector usage to the phone.

There would be a hinged panel on the back that would open for a user to place their RFID tag to be scanned and stored. The hinged panel would contain the programmable RFID card and this would be the clever way to move it aside to not interfere with the RFID scanning process. Furthermore, we envision the programmable RFID card to be a smallish chip that is protected from scanning by thieves by a easy sliding cover.

Map screenshot is part of future vision for UX.

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