Getting to know someone new can be difficult. Trying to decide if you're good enough acquaintances to be friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram? Whatever it may be, Keychain allows you to share all your social media accounts with someone all at once.

What it does

Keychain allows you to list as many links to your social profiles as you want. Keychain even allows you to upload files to your account for others to see. Go ahead and upload your favorite recipe and a link to your cooking instagram blog or upload your resume and include a link to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile! The options are limitless.

How I built it

Built using Android Studio and MongoDB

Challenges I ran into

Ran into a ton of problems with setting up a database for account storage. Eventually decided to ditch the native SQLite databases provided in Android Studio because they weren't going to provide the functionality desired

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the UI is clean. One thing I focused on was the UI early on and I'm proud of it.

What I learned

Lots. Android Studio makes coding Android apps a breeze. Also, learned a lot about SQL and databases. Overall was a very fun hackathon.

What's next for Keychain

As of this submission, Keychain is around 75% complete. I still need to finish setting up MongoDB and some more activities before Keychain can really be considered a full on service. I'd love to further develop Keychain after this codefest and I can't wait to see where the project goes!

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