We realized that online security is the backbone of our digital world. We wanted to create a convenient yet secure authentication platform that could be integrated with developers' web applications.

KeyBuddy is a login platform that uses Secure Shell (SSH) keys paired with a unique seven-word combination to ensure reliability and ease. In order to build the platform, we first created several Python modules that were responsible for generating unique seven-word combinations as well as public-private key pairs. After that, we created a hash function (using SHA-256) and worked with our local database (using SQLite). Finally, we used HTML, CSS, and Flask in order to create a sample website that used KeyBuddy to handle user credentials. Since we are a group of beginners, using Flask was a challenge but we managed to create a web application.


$ git clone
$ cd KeyBuddy
$ python

What's Next

  • Style the web application.
  • Create a sample service that can used to demo KeyBuddy.
  • Switch from a local, centralized solution to a decentralized solution (e.g. blockchain).

Built With

  • flask-python-css-html-sqlite
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