We found a piano and had an idea.

What it does

Read notes to use a piano as a keyboard and plays music through the laptop keyboard too!

How we built it

Python standard lib + googling + pyaudio + scipy + numpy

Challenges we ran into

pyaudio was picky. Pianos are weird. Laptop mics suck. Signal transformations are hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The tones played. The frequencies showed.

What we learned

1) Don't trust pianos. 2) Python key listening sucks. 3) Wav files are chunky. 4) Chip tune is fun. 5) Incessant chip tune will make sleepy people want to jump off buildings. 6) Poking people in the belly makes chip tunes (requires at least 3 people).

What's next for Keyboard Keyboard

Functionality. Better frequency recognition. Better tone output. Better mics.

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