What's it about ?

We were compelled to create a simple fun game that two people could enjoy while waiting for a download or an installation to finish. We were very inspired by logitech's keyboards and thought of a cool twist to showcase the versatility of their product. We had a lot of fun developping two games using the keyboard keys as a display and the controller.


One of the nice things about this project is that we did not limit ourselves to the terminal interface, but harnessed the power of web technologies to display the results.

The games

The first game is a classic, the Tic-Tac-Toe. It helped us setup the whole structure and familiarise ourselves with the environment. The second game we had more fun with. We wanted a fast-paced experience coupled with a strong 1v1 competition feeling. There was born Surf It (baaad name for a coool game). See the video for the demo :)

Built With

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