Sending encrypted data can be a pain without knowing the user's key. Keybase makes it simple to get the keys and this package makes it simple to send the data.

What it does

Currently, the app only does encryption on the local client. Decryption couldn't be tested due to the lack of a Keybase account :(

How I built it

Created a package in Atom to do the encryption and a Node.js server to store the encrypted data. The server doesn't store who send the data, the intended recipient or the decrypted data.

After the data is uploaded, a random token is generated. This gives a unique URL that can be sent to the intended recipient.

The tokens are stored in a Redis data structure.

Challenges I ran into

I couldn't test the Keybase authentication, which means the decryption side was not tested.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had never used Atom or Coffeescript and only had minimal server side javascript background.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the Atom editor and it's APIs, it looks like I will use this full time in the future!

What's next for keybase-paste

Complete the 1.0 with decryption in Atom and in the browser.

small issue: saved paste is in UInt8Array format

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