We need all potentials to overcome crises, especially young people which are not risk group. Education is not working as usual, job orientation measures are not available, but young people need orientation: ~1.3Mio young people will leave schools and universities this year in Germany, ~220.000 Mio in Swiss; ~60.000 apprenticeships are not offered this year in Germany; job entries are more difficult. All countries will have similar topic.

Situation is confusing and contact persons in official departments can't tackle to help each young person in job orientation because of the big amount of demands.

How to find passion and how to find the next step after school/apprenticeship/university?

What if we inspire and empower all to directly take the next step? Not everyone has a supportive network, but we love to create one - for everyone.
We would like to start a Social Business with the vision: A world full of passionate people loving what they do and supporting each other to achieve their full potential.

We found each other in #wirvsvirus-Hackathon in Germany and got passioned people in the swiss hackathon #versusvirus additionally with same goals: building a network to inspire and empower potentials by the community. Now we took the next step.

  • Done before the Hack: Idea, Video backend
  • Done in this Hack: Definition of detailed Requirements, mobile Prototype with Adobe XD, Design, Logo, Legal clarification for video uploading, partner research and contacting them, marketing material: One Pager for partners, frontend beginning for showing and uploading videos and registration, business model canvas, started Marketing webpage

What it does

Our online platform provides passionate 60 sec videos, mentorship and inspirational webinars, direct contact to persons and organizations to clarify individual questions, step-by-step guidance, which directly leads young generation to relevant content and further helping organisations from public and private sector fitting to their actual needs and reminders to go forward with job orientation process until the next step is done.

Our Impact: reduction of unemployment, less pressure on social support system, social inclusion, more productivity and satisfaction at work, and motivated new colleagues.

In detail: The system adds something to the job orientation, which is until now not in focus: emotions and authentic, actual insights from individuals. This helps young generation to find role models and people matching with their motivation and emotions. With the videos they can get an overview about what touches them and what is not their direction on the professional pathway. Currently the situation is daily changing and people looking for passion and purpose in their live. That's why the system is starting the journey with emotions.

And then?

  • Young generation has questions - they can just ask people who are experienced in this topic: the community.
  • They can contact directly the people visible in the videos. So everyone have access to a supportive network, where all involved people help each other with insights and information.
  • If someone needs deeper help, she/he ask for a mentor, get a match out of the community and will be accompanied.

  • Additionally it includes in an integrative way already existing solutions for parts of the job orientation, which often doesn't get the attention in the right moment from the people who are not actively searching for this option or solution (online fairs or events to meet companies, finding mentors for special needs, get help from people helping with social topics, overview about offers for training in companies, career guide from universities, free strengh tests...).

  • So all steps in job orientation are represented in the platform (e.g. searching for inspiration, have an idea for direction, decision for 3 options to go forward, application, interview, next step done).
  • The user just range himself in which step he is, he adds interests and gives feedback to the passionate videos by swiping, "like", "share". Then the user will get information and helpful stuff which matches to actual needs.
  • If users have done the decision to go in a job direction, they can contact in the platform companies offering apprenticeship for this job or universities giving an opportunity to study this direction.
  • We desire to work with partners to include all existing solutions at the right moment on the job orientation journey.

    To bring users to the platform to benefit from the system we would like to cooperate with schools and universities, commercial chambers and institutions currently involved in job orientation.

How we build our solution?

  1. Creating strong concept
  2. Think big
  3. Hearing different positions and views on the problem and possible solutions
  4. Research of existing solutions and missing gap
  5. Search for team members needed
  6. Split team in topics: partners research and contacting, marketing, technical
  7. Get together regularly for catch up to decide next steps
  8. Design Prototype, Logo etc.
  9. Getting help from mentor
  10. Definition of our USP and the value we add for users and the society

What to do for KEY2BE.ME after the Hackathon?

We will proceed with user tests with young people and our partners based on the prototype we built. Afterward improving we will start coding first version and have a beta test:

  • Mobile first application with gamification aspects
  • Swiping for videos with share, like to social media platforms
  • Chat functions to get in contact
  • Mentor matching algorithm
  • Interfaces to existing solutions with data transfer or embedding content
  • Step by step process with automated notifications, information sharing regarding actual status young people are in

On the organisational part we need to continue with:

  • Building strong partnerships with existing solutions
  • Building partnerships with governmental institutions responsible for job orientation (like german Jobcenter, swiss RAV), schools, universities, commercial chambers and companies
  • Founding a social business

What we need to continue

Frontend developer UX Designer Designer Legal support Funding

The value of our solution after crisis

The solution is useful also after the crisis: inspirational videos will stay and grow in the database, network will grow also and helping the young generation in a strong network with the capacity and the insights of lots of individuals in our society and support of organisations will be powerful in each time.

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