Key Suspect is an episodic first person point and click VR adventure game, where you are a rookie police officer who was the first to arrive at the scene of a crime! Using your Gear VR and a Bluetooth controller, you're able to walk through the crime scene, search for clues and inquire on them to find the facts important to the case at hand.

You must sort through the clues within the crime scene and give your Key Suspect to the chief whilst they collect all of the suspects and the pathologist does the autopsy. You'll be working with limited information, so you have to puzzle it out as best you can.

When you think you have your Key Suspect, you'll enter their name and close the case for now. You'll also be given information on who other players thought the Key Suspect is! Perhaps other people thought the same, or they've chosen a name you didn't even think about. You're free to review the case files as much as you like. After a period of time, the mystery of what really happened in the crime scene will be revealed in a video accessible in the app and a new case will be available to play.

For the game jam, only one case will be available, The Case of the Sky Suite.

In The Case of the Sky Suite, you'll be solving the murder of a recently successful entrepreneur who was found dead in a small party celebrating his company's recent takeover of their biggest competitor. You must explore the luxurious Sky Suite of the Grand Hotel for clues, unravel the mystery and find your Key Suspect.

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